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The attorneys of RisCassi and Davis, P.C. are thankful to have a devoted team of experienced paralegals and other support staff working for us.

Most of our staff has worked here for more than a decade, some for more than 20 years. We believe that a highly experienced staff helps our attorneys respond to the needs of our clients.

RisCassi Davis Staff
First Row (left to right)
Emmy Pavelka, Lynn Nickles, Heidi Gauvin, Bethany Sheridan, Delia Tempera

Second Row (left to right)
Linda Musshorn, Marybeth Endrelunas, Joanne Buehler, Debbie Corso

Third Row (left to right)
Kim Gilleran, Doreen Eigner, Laura Lantz, Heidi Galan

Fourth Row (left to right)
Kathleen King, Lucy Sokaitis, Michelle Gauvreau, Heather Smith, Cindy Blackham

Cindy Blackham

Legal Assistant to Michael Jainchill & Kathy Calibey

Joanne Buehler

Paralegal to Michael Jainchill & John Houlihan, Jr.

Debbie Corso

Legal Assistant to Gene Swain

Mary Beth Endrelunas

Paralegal to Dave Cooney

Doreen Eigner

File Room

Heidi Galan

Legal Assistant to Bill Davis & John Houlihan, Jr.

Heidi Gauvin

Paralegal to Gene Swain & Paul Iannaccone

Michelle Gauvreau

Legal Assistant to Michael Kennedy & Christopher Houlihan

Kim Gilleran

Legal Assistant to Paul Iannaccone

Bethany Sheridan

Paralegal to Christopher Houlihan

Heather Smith

Paralegal to Patrick Kennedy

Kathleen King

Legal Assistant to Patrick Kennedy

Laura Lantz


Linda Musshorn

Office Manager

Lynn Nickles

Paralegal to Andy Groher

Emmy Pavelka

Paralegal to Bill Davis & John Houlihan, Jr.

Lucy Sokaitis

Legal Assistant to Jim Bartolini & Dave Cooney

Delia Tempera

Legal Assistant to Andy Groher

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